We are The Nomad In Korea

We Are We

The Nomad In Korea is managed by Normand The Nomad, a filthy foreigner and digital nomad that has taken up residence in South Korea; and Mr Kim, a born and raised Korean who is a little too non-korean on the inside. Together we write articles about things we enjoy ranging from what its like to be a digital nomad, trashy kdramas, great kdrama or culture.

Normand The Nomad has gone through the grueling Visa process multiple times in South Korea; It is not fun, many mistakes where made along the way.

The Nomad In Korea is an attempt to offer any information gained over the years to help others come to South Korea legally, giving them the best opportunity for them to thrive and make their mark on the world. Everything you see here is free and will be updated as much as possible.

Let's put an end to visa-runs, one long term visa at a time.

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