a poster for the kdrama lovely runner 2024

Lovely Runner: Low Ratings, Huge Phenomenon?

Lovely Runner is a webtoon adaptation about a paraplegic girl named Im Sol (Hye Yoon) who finds a source of comfort in idol star Ryu Sun Jae (Woo Seok).

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a poster for the glory Thai Drama 2022

Should You Watch Win Metawin's, Beauty Newbie?

The brand new Thai drama adaptation of popular Korean webtoon "My ID is Gangnam Beauty" has finally been released.

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cover for the kdrama startup

The Start-Up Cast: Where Are They Now?

Where are they now in 2024 since the release of the show. We got you covered, Bea Suzy has has went on to star in Anna and winning best actress.

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a montage of the business proposal cast

The Business Proposal Cast : Where Are They Now?

Kim Se-jeong and the other business proposal did fan fantastically well with the popularity of the show.

What KDrama's did they appear in after?

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poster my liberation notes

My Liberation Notes KDrama Review

Quiet but introspective, placid but full of struggles, wistful but not melancholic;

My Liberation Notes is a breath of fresh air in a KDrama landscape crowded with formulaic offerings.

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poster for the kdrama fight for my way

Fight For My Way Is A Winning Drama!

Fight for My Way is a comedy story about friendship and the pursuit of dreams; Here is my reasoning why.

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a poster for business proposal kdrama 2022

Is the Business Proposal KDrama worth watching?

Warm, zany, and romantic, Business Proposal has arrived like the first rain during a drought of cute, happy stories in the kdrama landscape.

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poster for the kdrama mr startup

Which shows are similar to the KDrama Start-Up?

Start-Up was addictive and focused on the lives of young entrepreneurs. Here are 4 other kdrama's that follow in a similar vein.

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poster for the kdrama good bad motehr

It’s All Good with The Good Bad Mother KDrama

A mother has a strained relationship with her son.

Things take a turn for the worse when he loses his memory and regresses into a child as she is forced to make hard decisions becoming 'The Good Bad Mother'

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poster for the kdrama mr sunshine

Is Mr Sunshine One of the Best KDrama of All Time?

Mr Sunshine is an aboslutely stunning historical drama set in the Joseon era of Korea. Kdrama fans keep recalling it as one of the best shows to watch but how accurate is that?

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cover for the kdrama startup

Get Some Pep By Watching Start Up

In the competitive landscape of South Korea's start up industry, aspiring young entrepreneurs embark on a journey to transform virtual dreams into tangible success.

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two characters from the kdrama celebrity standing on a bridge

Would you really want to be one in this Kdrama Celebrity?

Relentlessly entertaining and immaculately crafted, Celebrity is a timely contemporary kdrama with the right balance of escapist, fun and important social messaging.

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a poster for the kdrama twenty five twenty one

Prepare to Cry When Watching 25 21!

In Twenty Five Twenty One, It's 1998 and a teenager dreams of joining the fencing team, but they disband after the financial crisis.

To continue the dream, she transfers to the National Fencing Team, where she must prove everyone wrong.

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a poster for the glory kdrama 2022

The Glory - How to craft the perfect revenge

After being excessively abused throughout her formal years in highschool, the now adult woman has been plotting for 20 years to inact a painful revenge brining about 'The Glory'

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the official cover for love recall

Love Recall KDrama, Is this the dating reality show for you?

Do you have unresolved feelings or questions for your ex? Love Recall finds such people and gives them a final romantic date to reconnect.

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an image of the tv show suits but with korean characters

Is the Numbers KDrama worth watching?

An accounting drama set in South Korea. On the run from a dark past, a brilliant college dropout finds himself working with a superstar at one of the best accounting companies in town.

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The main logo for the show I Am Solo

I Am Solo - A 'somewhat' realistic dating tv show

Individuals serious about finding a partner take a visit to the I am Solo island to go on one-on-one dates, if two individuals want to persue a relationship then they will reveal their real names.

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The main title for the show My Neighbor Charles

My Neighbor Charles - Korean Drama Overview

My Neighbor Charles is a fascinating show that follows the lives of hearty foreigners trying to make a life for themselves in Korea.

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