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A confused traveller wondering when nomad visas will be available in korea
A confused traveller wondering when nomad visas will be available in korea


soju being poured

Exploring Korea's Drinking Culture - Traditions, Etiquette, and Social Bonding

While the youth are breaking away from korean traditions somewhat. Many of the the holy common arts of being korean and its traditions still stand.

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all the memes having fun in a party

The Heart of Korean Culture - The Essential Role of Social Gatherings

As dusk falls over the Han River, a different kind of energy begins to pulse through the streets of Korea.

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cover for the kdrama startup

Get Some Pep By Watching Start-Up

In the competitive landscape of South Korea's tech industry, aspiring young entrepreneurs embark on a journey to transform virtual dreams into tangible success.

We follow them as they navigate the thrilling intersection of ambition and love in this captivating kdrama, where the high-tech world becomes the backdrop for their compelling story.

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two characters from the kdrama celebrity standing on a bridge

Celebrity, Would you really want to be one in this Kdrama?

Relentlessly entertaining and immaculately crafted, Celebrity is a timely contemporary kdrama with the right balance of escapist, fun and important social messaging.

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a poster for the kdrama twenty five twenty one

Prepare to Cry When Watching Twenty Five Twenty One!

It's 1998 and a teenager dreams of joining the fencing team, but they disband after the financial crisis. To continue the dream, she transfers to the National Fencing Team, where she must prove everyone wrong.

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a poster for the glory kdrama 2022

The Glory KDrama - How to craft the perfect revenge

After being excessively abused throughout her formal years in highschool, the now adult woman has been plotting for 20 years to inact a painful revenge.

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an image of the tv show suits but with korean characters

Numbers Korean Drama (2023)

On the run from a dark past, a brilliant college dropout finds himself working with a superstar at one of the best accounting companies in town.

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tourists roaming around seoul happy

Seoul is an amazing city with plenty to do while on vacation

Don't wait, visit some amazing places in Seoul when you have free time! The land of kdramas has a lot to explore. The very first spot to hit up is Namsan Park and Tower. If you have watched a kdrama then you have surely seen it.

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Learn Korean


5 Best Korean Language Apps

headache from learning a new language

If you are one of the lucky people who are able to stay in Korea for an extended period of time, you will never run out of amazing things to see and do.

5 Important Things to do in Okinawa

Women scuba diving in Okinawa

Okinawa is a group of over 160 islands that are all a part of Japan. This archipelago is often referred to as the Okinawa Prefecture, and it is an incredible place to visit

5 Important Things to do in Jeju, Korea When Traveling Solo

Jeju Theme park

Do not wait, Jeju is an easy recommendation for anyone! In recent years its becoming the hot place to be for Koreans looking for a short vacation but dont want to deal with international airports.