a nomad in korea posing as a super saiyan
  • Name:
  • Epiphet:
    Normand The Nomad
  • Spawn Location:
    South Korea
  • Age:
  • Occupation:
    Code Monkey


I"ve gone by various eponymous titles over the years; Lets roll with Normand The Nomad aka The Nomad In Korea, How about that.

I was not born and raised in Korea, I am instead but a filthy foreigner from the vestigates of the former Roman Empire that has successfully invaded the Hermit Kingdom of South Korea; I now spend most of my time in this wonderful country

At this time, I have gone through the visa process multiple times and know the anxiety it can bring not knowing your fate, if I can offer any insight to you on your journey then it would bring me joy

I am self employed and do what I want for the most part; I was raised by wolves you could say.

I live life to the fullest and write articles poorly about South Korea, KDrama, Business and whatever comes to mind out of boredom.