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The Business Proposal Cast : Where Are They Now?

Where are the Business Proposal cast now?

In 2022, Business Proposal burst onto the scene with a heart warming romcom featuring two gorgeous pairs of lovers. With their fresh charms, adorable chemistry, and striking visuals, Kim Se-jeong, Ahn Hyo-Seop, Seol In-Ah, and Kim Min-Kyu won over the hearts of many around the world.

Business Proposal helped to cement their names as Hallyu's newest representations, raising their profiles to new heights. Since then, each of them have gone on to showcase their talents in various projects.

Kim Se-jeong

Kim Se-jeong in the show uncanny counter season 2

Kim Se-jeong was captivating as the loyal and pure-hearted Shin Ha-Ri in Business Proposal. After the drama's success, she and Ahn Hyo-Seop won Best Couple at the SBS year-end drama award, solidifying their place in the acting world through their electric on screen chemistry.

In the same year, Se-jeong appeared on Today's Webtoon, a remake of a Japanese drama also starring Choi Daniel. In it, she played Oh Ma-Eum, a retired judo athlete turned webtoon editor. In 2023, Se-jeong reprised her role as badass evil spirit hunter Do Ha Na in Uncanny Counter season 2.

Se-jon is no stranger to the world of reality tv competitions where she was first discovered; the former I.O.I. and Gugudan member joined SBS' idol survival reality show Universe Ticket as one of the judges.

In late 2023, the actress made her theatre debut in the play 'Temple'.

Ahn Hyo-Seop

ahn hyo-seop in other shows

As part of the business proposal cast, Hyeo Seop had a busy year in 2023. In shw show Hyo-seop took on the role of the charming pricne Kang Tae-Mu. First, he reprised his role as tsundere surgeon Dr. Seo Woo Jin in Dr. Romantic season 3.

The drama reunited him with Lee Sung-Kyung, with whom he displayed maturing chemistry as their characters' relationship deepened.

Later the same year, he starred in the Netflix original "A Time Called You", a remake of a Taiwanese drama about a woman who time traveled to her high school days and encountered someone resembling her dead boyfriend. Hyo Seop played the boyfriend and his doppelganger. Jeon Yeo Been co-starred as his love interest.

He is currently shooting Omniscient Reader alongside Lee Min-Ho. The movie is set to be released in 2025.

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Seol In-Ah

seol in-ah casted in other tv shows

As Shin Ha-Ri's heiress bestie Jin Yeong Seo, Seol In Ah stole the scene with her impeccable comic timing and sizzling chemistry with Kim Min Kyu's Cha Sung Hoon.

She followed up the breakthrough role with a leading lady turn in the 2023 historical drama Oasis alongside Jang Dong Yoon.

Later the same year, In Ah went back to 1995 for the coming-of-age/time travel drama Twinkling Watermelon. In it, she played the double roles of a rebellious teen and her look-alike mother.

She can also be seen in the romantic comedy movie Love My Scent and as a guest star in the Netflix drama Celebrity.

Kim Min-Kyu

Even as a secondary character on Business Proposal, Min-Kyu managed to leave a memorable impression thanks to his heart-thumping love story with In-Ah. He later took on a leading role in the drama The Heavenly Idol.

In this web novel adaptation drama, Min Kyu played a deity who got trapped inside the body of an idol from an unpopular boy group. While trying to reclaim his divine form, he is forced to navigate the life of an idol, odd spiritual cults and fend off the devil himself. The drama also starred Go Bo-Gyul and Lee Jang-Woo.

In 2024, fans can anticipate his appearance in a brand new ENA variety show I Am Ground. The show also features comedian Kwang Hee and actor Lee Sang-Yeob where the cast travel the world and connect with locals through traditional Korean games.

The Business Proposal Cast have continued to make great moves in the KDrama industry.

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