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The Start-Up Cast: Where Are They Now?

Start-Up is a drama that focuses on young entrepreneurs who compete to win funding for their tech start-up. The lead actress, Bae Suzy, plays Seo Dal-mi who is optimistic and has big dreams of walking in her father’s footsteps. Nam Joo-hyuk plays her love interest, Nam Do-san, who is a brilliant coder but is a tad socially awkward.

Kim Seon-ho stars as Han Ji-pyeong, a businessman who is in the role of a mentor for teams competing in the competition. Kang Han-na plays the sister of Dal-mi, Won In-jae, who is also competing in the start-up competition. The show is touching, comedic, and well-paced. These amazing actors certainly worked well together to create a brilliant drama…but where are they now?

Bae Suzy

It’s no secret that Bae Suzy is a talented vocalist. But she has really started to make a name for herself in the K-drama world!

After Start-Up, Suzy went on to star in Anna, winning several best actress awards for her role as Lee Anna. Her latest work in the drama, Doona!, has caused quite the buzz! Doona! is about a college student who rooms with a retired K-pop idol. Based on a webtoon, fans have been loving it! Suzy has established herself as a solid lead.

Here are her K-drama roles after Start-Up:

  • - Lee Anna/Lee Yu-mi in Anna
  • - Lee Doo-na in Doona!
  • Nam Joo-hyuk

    Such a seasoned actor like Nam Joo-hyuk is a fan favorite. He went on to star in a couple productions post-Start-Up. His most notable work since has been Twenty Five Twenty One, a drama that had the internet raving! He stars across from Kim Tae-ri as her friend, supporter, and eventually, love interest. Nam Joo-hyuk’s realistic acting, with his strong ability to convey emotion through subtle expressions, was celebrated in this drama specifically. He also recently starred in the action-thriller drama, Vigilante.

    Here are his K-drama roles after Start-Up:

    • - Baek Ye-jin in Twenty Five Twenty One
    • - Kim Ji-yong in Vigilante

    Kim Seon-ho

    After Start-Up, Kim Seon-ho went on to star in the smash hit, Hometown Cha Cha Cha. This drama became one of the highest-rated television series in Korean cable television history. He won several awards for his role as Hong Duk Sik, a jack of all trades who looks after a seaside village. Kim Seon-ho is slated to star in an upcoming drama, Mangnaein. He also frequently performs on the stage in plays, using his acting talent in several mediums!

    Here are his K-drama roles after Start-Up:

    • - Hong Duk Sik in Hometown Cha Cha Cha
    • - Special Appearance in You Have Done Well

    Kang Han-Na

    Kang Han-na went on to act in the drama, My Roommate is a Gumiho. This drama is about a 999-year-old nine-taled fox and a college student who accidentally swallows his bead. Comedic and warm, it is a well-loved story.

    She also went on to play a role in Bloody Heart, a historical drama, and the upcoming show, No Secret. Out of all the actors listed, she has packed the biggest punch as far as the numerous rolls she has taken on in the K-drama world!

    Here are her K-drama roles after Start-Up:

    • - On Woo joo in No Secret
    • - Han Yi Na in Bite Sisters
    • - Yoo Jeong in Bloody Heart
    • - Yang Hye Sun in My Roommate is a Gumiho

    The lead cast of Start-Up has stayed in the spotlight and continued in successful roles.

    And it’s no surprise based on their performance in Start-Up! Fans of the show have expressed their appreciation of the cast’s chemistry and emotional depth, especially in the subtle expressions and all they needed to convey but not say. These actors are top-notch and will only continue to impress viewers!

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