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Would you really want to be one in this Kdrama Celebrity?

What is the KDrama Celebrity About?

What would you do for fame?

This is the central conceit of Celebrity, Netflix’s 2023 original Kdrama.

Described as Black Mirror meets Mean Girls, the miniseries explores the bitchy and backstab-y world of South Korea’s internet influencers.

For a bit of context, the term “celebrities” here refers to influencers who got popular on social media as opposed to film and music stars. Yet another Korean specificity that makes its way to mainstream media.

Where can I watch it

Netflix. Thats your only legal option to my knowledge; Unless you embrace your inner One Piece Kaizoku and head over to the "Special Sites", nod nod, wink wink

[Quick Info] Celebrity KDrama 2020

Alternate Names:셀러브리티
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Celebrity Cast

actor Park Gyu-Young

Seo Ah-Ri

Actor: Park Gyu-Young

actor Kang Min-Hyuk

Han Joon-Kyung

Actor: Kang Min-Hyuk

actor Lee Chung-Ah

Yoon Shi-Hyun

Actor: Lee Chung-Ah

actor Lee Dong-Gun

Jin Tae-Jeon

Actor: Lee Dong-Gun

actor Jeon Hyo-Sung

Oh Min-Hye

Actor: Jeon Hyo-Sung

actor Han Jae-In

Jin Chae Hee

Actor: Han Jae-In

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Is the format of the Kdrama Celebrity the same as others?

The first season consists of 12 episodes with running time ranging between 37 to 53 minutes. Like most K-Dramas, it’s a one and done story with a fixed conclusion.

And if it’s important to you: yes, the bad guys get punished in the end while the good guys live happily ever after after learning their lessons.

My Recommendation (No Spoilers)

Fans of juicy drama with lots of catfights and soapy intricacy would get a kick out of Celebrity. If Gossip Girl, Real Housewives series, and the aforementioned Mean Girls are your thing, this is definitely right up your alley.

You think Blair Waldorf was petty? Wait ‘til you see what The Gabin Society pulls off to try to undermine Ah-Ri’s every turn. You think Cady Heron’s revenge against the Plastics was savage? Wait ‘til you see Ah-Ri’s comeback.

This drama is made for audiences with a penchant for gossipy guilty pleasure featuring hot people with shiny outfits and sportscars.

If you’re more into cute romcoms or poignant melodrama, you might just look elsewhere. Maybe check out Twenty Five Twenty One, which we also reviewed ?

Jennifer's Thoughts (Some spoilers)

K-Pop idols, we’re familiar with. KDrama actors, we know ‘em so well. What this show offers is a fascinating look into a different tier of fame.

The lives of internet celebrities who die by the number of their Instagram followers. The show does a great job illustrating their dire needs to stay on top.

Of course, they go over the top while pawing at each other. For example, it’s hilarious how the Gabin girls would hold an emergency meeting just to discuss strategies to beat one newly famous celebrity.

It’s also unintentionally funny how many water throwing scenes there are in 12 episodes. This beats even those old KDramas with water-dousing mother-in-laws.

But hey, all understandable for dramatic purposes.

an unhappy crowd

It’s to the cast’s credit that these over dramatic performances are solid across the board. The celebrity influencers are so stereotypical but you just love to hate them.

They’re pretty much the pictures of well-manicured evil bi*ches, the perfect foils to Ah-Ri’s cool personality.

One of the most memorable supporting characters has got to be Yoon Si Hyun (Lee Chung Ah), the queen of the celebrities who, unlike the rest of them, has a soft spot for Ah-Ri and stays away from social media.

Her character and performance are just pitch perfect, so elegantly stoic and perfectly composed while hiding her true motives. Her wardrobes and whole demeanor also scream quiet luxury. Such a goal!

As for Ah-Ri, she already gets brownie points for making bob cut look so chic. Gyu Young’s portrayal, at once fierce and nonchalant, really proves why she’s the current It-girl in the KDrama world.

Girlie just makes it seem easy. Her heart thumping chemistry with CN Blue’s Min Hyuk gives the drama a little romantic respite amid all the hair-pulling and scandals.

These two really need to reunite in a sweet romcom.

On the visual front, this drama lives up to its glamorous name. This kdrama is a true eye candy. The people are gorgeous.

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a gathering in the kdrama celebrity

The fashion is A++. The cinematography is sleek and brimming with colors. Woven into the cinematography is a portrait of modern Seoul with a thriving, image conscious and luxury-obsessed culture.

Depiction on what celebrity culture entails is explored in great detail.

Some of them are just as fancy as you’d imagine: flowing endorsements, exclusive parties, adoring fans, namesake brands, front row seats at fashion shows. But of course, there are the downsides too.

The hedonistic society is obsessed with curating the perfect image, no matter how dirty it might get to reach it. Some of the characters would resort to bribery, image manipulation, drugs, and even murder just to stay on top.

It’s a whole cautionary tale on fame, obsession, and desire.

a poster for the kdrama celebrity

Told in a series of flashbacks and flash forwards, Celebrity serves up a suspenseful plot line with a great dose of jaw dropping plot twists. As A-Ri is thrown deeper into the vortex of fame, the drama slowly turns into a dark thriller dressed in silk and diamond.

The show also goes hard critiquing social media’s impact. Especially in a rigid society like South Korea, online bullying and cancel-culture are deadlier than in other parts of the world.

To cap it off, the show never forgets to serve up a reminder that people you follow online are also humans capable of getting hurt, just like you.

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