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I Am Solo - A 'somewhat' realistic dating tv show

Dear Diary, As of writing this article, I have watched exactly 117 episodes of 'I Am Solo'(나는 솔로); I told myself that I was watching it in order to improve my korean but in reality I watched it to enjoy the train wrecks that are people dating. I am not ashamed and I would happily recommend this show to any dating show enjoyer.

The participants are very light hearted and generally make an attempt to find a partner.

[Korean Drama Review] I Am Solo | 나는 SOLO | 나는 솔로

Genre:Reality Show
Recomendation:Pretty good, a little time consuming.
Status: Ongoing
Number Of Episodes:120+
Production:SBS Plus

What is I am Solo about?

I am solo follows the format of an even number of 6 or so men and women who are explicitly looking for a serious long term partner. No-one is allowed to use their real names until the final episode when they decide if they wish to have a relationship with someone.

Each cast member of the season is given a unique pseudonym to be used throughout their stay on "Solo Island" as they call it.

Each day the members will be given an opportunity to reveal secretly to us the viewer the person who they claim to be attracted to or be able to go on a date with someone.

The Nomad would 100% recommend you watch this show aka kdrama if you are open to watching dating shows and want to watch a more "mature" group of people try to date.

Where can I watch it

As always, I can only present legal options to watch shows like I am Solo. I do not get paid to recommend any of these services.

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Normand The Nomad's Thoughts

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Normand The Nomad's Thoughts

It is a little different from Signal, Love Catcher and Transit Love; Not to disrespect those respective shows but the contestants are much more forthright in who they are interested in, they are encouraged to ask genuine questions regarding topics that would lead to a relationship such as their views on children, long distance relationships and marriage.

On the final day, everyone has to make their "Final Decision" and if both couples match up then they share their real names but it is never revealed publicly to the audience.

The internet being the internet, there is no short supply of instagram profiles published on individuals who have appeared on the show.

Korea is not in short supply of endless dating reality shows to consume but very few can boast the longevity that can be seen in I Am Solo.

Compared to Transit Love, the train wrecks are not as traumatic since no-one has any pre-existing relationships but, my favorite part of these shows still exist!

As with all the other dating shows, it is thoroughly entertaining as each participant tells the audience they want to get to know one individual then claims to have feelings for one individual, then chooses to go on a date with another individual.

I Am Solo uses a voting format throughout the stay on the programme which leaves some people heart broken but others on the path of falling in love.

Final Thoughts

(Pro tip. Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do!)

I jokingly tell my friends that these dating shows are more like game shows at times. I Am Solo is no different. There are times where individuals on the show are clearly making dishonest choices whether its to make the person they are actually interested in jealous; to not make themselves look bad after the show airs or even keep themselves available on the show in order to go on dates with other individuals without committing at all.

Every couple seasons on I Am Solo there is one person who has made it their mission to go on a 1 on 1 date with every single member of the opposite sex; I love watching that person! Their answers never match their actions and in a rare display of bravo, the main hosts usually calls it out; This is not normal for the hosts of these dating shows.

I can happily say that the main host of I am Solo is a solid part of why I continue to watch I Am Solo. For every other dating show, I couldn't care less what the host says. It's not because I do not like the hosts but more than I came for the relationships.

The men will always be introduced in the order below and use the associating pseudonym

  1. Youngsoo 영수
  2. Youngho 영호
  3. Youngsik 영식
  4. Youngchul 영철
  5. Jeongsu 정수
  6. Jeongsoo 종수
  7. Jeongsik 정식
  8. Sangcheol 상철
  9. Gwangsoo 광수
  10. Gyeongsoo 경수

The women will always be introduced in the order below and use the associating pseudonym

  1. Sunja 순자
  2. Youngja 영자
  3. Jungsoon 정순
  4. Jungsuk 정숙
  5. Youngsuk 영숙
  6. Youngsoon 영순
  7. Jungja 정자
  8. Oksoon 옥순
  9. Hyunsuk 현숙

what are the rules of i am solo

Rules Of I Am Solo


  1. 1:  The 5-7 men and women must stay in the mansion for 5 days and 6 nights while participating in the show
  2. 2:  Participants must not reveal their real name; They must wait until their introduction to reveal their age/job.
  3. 3:  Participants must use their pseudonym instead of their real name
  4. 4:  Participants must go on a random date or a scheduled date at least once to some extent.
  5. 5:  Participants may arrive in their own car if not they may use the car of the crews.
  6. 6:  There will be silent rules during the first dinner over Samgyeopsal with soju:
  7. 7:  If you fail to get a date, you will eat the Gosolo meal: jajangmyeon/jjapagetti
  8. 8:  A Joint living expenses (food expenses): A total of 1 million won is paid for 4 days (additional use for events/dates at private expense)
  9. 9:  The men and women will share separate accommodation

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