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Love Recall KDrama, Is this the dating reality show for you?

What is Love Recall about?

Love Recall is a reality show where couples who have broken up reconnect on the show. One individual still has lingering feelings for their partner. Together they recall their past relationship, the good, the bad and the questionable parts.

It can be pretty gritty at times as these are real relationships. Sometimes the couples get back together, other times the ex simply walks away.

Where can I watch it

As always, I can only present legal options to watch kdramas like Love Recall. I do not get paid to recommend any of these services.

You must watch these episodes of what should be classed as a kdrama! You will not regret it.

  • Episode 1: Health issues
  • Episode 5-6: Too many chefs in a relationship.
  • Episode 17: The comedy show. Only people with a 160 IQ can understand it.
  • Episode 22: Just shut up and watch it.

Love Recall Cast & Recall Planners

Yang Se Hyung

Yang Se Hyung 양세형

Main Host

Jang Young Ran

Jang Young Ran 장영란

Main Host

Sung Yoo Ri

Sung Yoo Ri 성유리

Main Host


Gree 김동현

Main Host

Love Recall Review & The Nomad's Thoughts

When you break up with someone in Korea, for the most part, that's it. Once you break up; both parties delete each other from the face of the planet and continue their lives separately.

The idea of a "situationship" or other silly western ideas where you keep porking each other is not really a thing. Although to my understanding speaking with a couple of degenerate 24 year olds, these ideas are starting to take hold. I'll let Koreans explain that one to you.

Either way, In such an environment there are bound to be couples who have broken up but did so hastily; maybe they have a change of heart, regret the things they did or even wish to get back together to have a 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempt at a relationship.

Enter Love Recall, one such individual contacts the show where a process will begin for a single date to occur between the former couple. At the end of the date, a choice will be presented to their former lover asking them if they want to get back into a relationship.

Will the former lover make the attempt or ghost them? Either way, we shall be entertained through the antics of their drama called a relationship.

Episode 1: Health Issues

Love Recall Episode 1

Love Recall Episode 1

The opening episode of the series features a couple who broke up primarily as a result of a serious health condition.

It's been 1 year and 4 days since they last broke up; and the "Recaller" as they are named, in this situation it's the guy, has been having a hard time moving on.

Fortunately the health issues have gone away, but will they be able to reconnect and pick up their relationship where it left off?

Episode 5: Too many chefs

Love Recall Episode 5-6

Love Recall Episode 5-6

A consistent hot topic is how couples feel about their partner having lots of friends of the opposite gender. Recall Love Episode 5 has you covered, a former couple has had some serious issues regarding this topic. Way too many chefs have been cooking in their relationship and it resulted in a hasty demise.

This will usually have a group completely split on whether or not men and women can be friends in such a manner but in the case of Love Recall. The host unanimously keeps quiet or takes the same side.

Have a gander at the Recallers relationship and decide for yourself if you are ok with your boyfriend or girlfriend having lots of opposite gender friends.

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Episode 17: The comedy show

Love Recall Episode 17

Love Recall Episode 17

The hosts, the recallers, my dog milky, everyone was absolutely confused as to what the hell was going on here.

From what I can gather online, the show is not scripted but the events play out similar to a comedy.

Someone call a movie script writer, there is a free movie waiting to be plagiarised right here.

I have no idea what the hell was going on but one thing for sure is, I was 100% entertained!

The recaller can't decide if they are coming or going, staying or leaving, running or standing.

Episode 22:Just shut up and watch it.

Love Recall Episode 12

Love Recall Episode 12

I honestly cannot say anything about this episode without spoiling it. It's been three years since this couple was last together.

Like every other couple, it started great but then didn't end well and they broke up. That's why they are on the show in the first place right.

I strongly encourage you to watch Episode 22 for yourself. Do not spoil it for others if you recommend it.

What I liked about this show

Similar to the reason I like I am Solo, I like watching relationship train wrecks and Love Recall is in no short supply. If you have'nt watched I am solo then free read to my quick review here   [ I Am Solo Review ].

The general rawness of Love Recall is brutal. The "Recaller" aka the person wanting to speak to their ex one last time, usually goes all out and says everything on their mind.

Every last detail that bothered them about their relationship or every last piece of guilt they wish to overcome. Many times, this is quite enduring; Seeing a person accept their faults and grow is beautiful.

I usually skip the opinions of every host on these reality shows. I'm too old to listen to the same cookie cutter and safe thoughts. I want honest carnage!

Surprisingly, the quiet host Yang Se Hyung often springs up out of nowhere to deliver the dose of reality that is usually missing on these types of panels.

There is also a strong sense of sincerity on the part of the Hosts aka the Recall Planners; and how they try to help the people on the show deliver the ideas that are on their mind.

I thoroughly commend the production of the show for their maturity in handling these relationships and hope to watch more train wrecks.

Please watch Love Recall if you have free time.

[Quick Summary] Love Recall 2022

Alternate Names: Is the Breakup a Recall? , Love Recalling , Recall the Love,이별도 리콜이 되나요
Genre: Reality, Romance, Variety
Format: Episodic
Duration:1 hr. 5 min.
Status: Ongoing
Recomendation:Its worth your time.
Number Of Episodes:32+

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