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Is Mr Sunshine One of the Best KDrama of All Time?

[Quick Info] Mr Sunshine (2018)

Alternate Names: Mr Sunshine, Mister Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인
Genre: Historical, Romance, Military, Melodrama
Year: 2018
Status: 1 Season
Number Of Episodes:24


Mr Sunshine is a stunning historical drama that is sure to take your breath away. Set in the Joseon era of Korea, the plot surrounds a Korean-born American officer, a noblewoman/freedom fighter, and a Japanese mob boss, among others.

The tension of war hangs in the air as characters seek to find peace and safety in a clash between cultures.

This Kdrama is considered by many to be one of the best K-dramas of all time. With beautiful cinematography, a rich soundtrack, and moving character arcs, this drama is sure to stay with you.

Mr Sunshine Cast

actor Lee Byung-Hun

Choi Yoo Jin / Eugene Choi

Actor: Lee Byung-Hun

actor Kim Tae-ri

Nam Do-San

Actor: Kim Tae-ri

actor Yoo Yeon-Seok

Go Ae-Sin

Actor: Yoo Yeon-Seok

actor Byun Yo-Han

Gu Dong-Mae / Ishida Sho

Actor: Byun Yo-Han

actor Kim Min-Jung

Kudo Hina / Lee Yang-Hwa

Actor: Kim Min-Jung

actor Kim Gap-Soo

Hwang Eun-San

Actor: Kim Gap-Soo

Where can I watch it

Netflix or become a pirate.

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Mr Sunshine Review (some spoilers)

Mr Sunshine is a vivid historical drama with a rich 24-episode plot. This drama stands out among the rest for having luscious cinematography, an incredible set (that has been up post-production with thousands of visitors), and an important storyline.

Set in Korea’s Joseon period, as Japanese control becomes increasingly obvious and US Military involvement causes rumors of war. The plot is fascinating, suspenseful, and full of weighty truth. It’s no wonder why this is considered one of the best K-dramas of all time.

The show initially focuses on Yoo-jin, who later becomes known as Eugine. Eugene was born in Korea to two servants. His parents are unfortunately murdered, leaving him as an orphan who flees for his life.

After smuggling onto a ship, Eugene finds himself in America. Struggling to survive, he works hard for every drop of food he can. Eventually, he joins the US Military and eventually becomes an officer. The plot starts to pick up once viewers find out that Eugene is being assigned to work in Korea, where he grew up.

Meanwhile, the story introduces another main character, Ae-shin.

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This character is truly dynamic. She reminds me of the grace and determination of other strong female leads who also know how to fight, like Mulan. Ae-shin is a nobleman’s granddaughter, but also secretly a freedom fighter who desires something more meaningful from her life.

This makes her the perfect match for Eugene, who understands the meaning of hard work and wanting to make a better life for yourself and those around you. Their quiet chemistry runs throughout the entire show, taking “slow burn” to the next level. But there are plenty of things going on in this storyline, where this pacing isn’t annoying.

Dong-mae, a Japanese character, adds an interesting twist to the show. He is both cruel and kind, making him a realistic lead. He and Ae-shin also have intense chemistry, though it’s never apparent that she will ever return his romantic gaze, it keeps the plot moving and at times humorous. Dong-mae has a beautiful character arc as well.

The set itself is stunning with realistic historical elements that truly transport viewers back in time. There was an obvious attention to detail, as each scene is gorgeous. There needed to be a high level of care involved considering the importance of sharing some of these historical events.

Mr Sunshine is full of characters who are willing to lay it all on the line for their country, making this an emotionally moving drama. Death is inevitable in such a plot, and viewers need to have their tissues ready. The soundtrack pulls out all the feels as you embrace the heart behind the character’s motivation and desire for a safe country of their own.

4 of the cast of the kdrama mr sunshine

Mr Sunshine no doubt introduced many to a new view of Korean history. Those who are more familiar might mourn the loss of characters even more, as they would know that the freedom they seek won’t be attained until several decades later. But these freedom fighters were fanning the flames of freedom that would eventually engulf the country.

Besides the gravity of the historical events, Mr Sunshine had some happy moments too. One of my favorites is when all three of Ae-shin’s love interests become friends and start working together. The humor is off the charts in those scenes!

All in all, Mr Sunshine is in a class of its own. With each episode feeling like a movie, compelling characters, and an ending that is both crushing and moving–this drama is a must-watch. But be warned: you’ll need tissues!

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