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Get Some Pep By Watching Start Up

[Quick Info] Start Up (2020)

Alternate Names: Startup 스타트업
Genre: Romance, Business, Comedy, Romance
Year: 2020
Status: 1 Season
Number Of Episodes:16

What is this kdrama about?

Start Up is a kdrama that focuses on young entrepreneurs who dream big and need help along the way to make their business a reality.

By competing in a start-up competition, teams work together to win financial backing. With a star-studded cast (Bae Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, and Kim Seon-ho), Start Upwill keep you engaged whilst laughing and cheering for your team to win.

There’s an extra element to this plot, too. With a love triangle that will pull you in both directions, Start Uphas its twists and turns to keep you engaged and clicking "next episode."

Start Up Cast

actor Bae Suzy

Seo Dal Mi

Actor: Bae Suzy

actor Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Do San

Actor: Nam Joo Hyuk

actor Kim Seon Ho

Han Ji Pyung

Actor: Kim Seon Ho

actor Kang Han Na

Won In Jae

Actor: Kang Han Na

Where can I watch it

Netflix or become a pirate.

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Start Up Review and... (some spoilers)

Start Up is a 16-episode drama that follows two sisters who become rival business women. Dal-mi and In-jae grew up in different households once their parents divorced. Dal-mi was raised by her grandmother after her father’s tragic death and In-jae grew up in an affluent household with a wealthy step-father.

Meeting once again as adults, they compete against each other in a high-stakes start-up competition.

The plot, however, doesn’t just focus on this dynamic. There are two other lead characters that shine in Start-Up. Ji-pyeong, an influential business man and a team leader in the start-up competition, was once helped by Dal-mi’s grandmother as a young man. She cared for him and helped him get on his feet, something he hasn’t forgotten.

Only to complicate the matter further, while Ji-pyeong spent time with Dal-mi’s grandmother he started writing letters to Dal-mi under the name of a boy he read about in a newspaper. The boy’s name was Do-san. Fast forward to the present and Dal-mi has never forgotten about her pen pal from times past.

One little problem–she’s about to encounter the real Do-san! In order to cover up the lie, Ji-pyeong hires Do-san to act the part and pretend that he truly was Dal-mi’s pen pal. This tension builds as the drama progresses. Both Do-san and Ji-pyeong start to fall for Dal-mi. When will this secret come to the surface?

Full of humor, heart-warming moments, and even some suspense–Start Up is a great drama to watch if you need a little pep. The plot is meaningful and heartwarming, as we watch entrepreneur Dal-mi walk in her late father’s footsteps and try to live out her dreams. It’s exciting to cheer for her and her teammates as they work hard to win and succeed despite the odds.

The competition is housed in “The Sandbox”, a building filled with modern lounges, professional office space, and a cute little cafe. The setting really helped foster the theme of entrepreneurship and drive.

Plus, it was visually appealing as a viewer.

4 actors of the kdrama start up

Diving deeper into the characters, Start Up does a great job at showcasing character motive and change. Dal-mi is optimistic and hardworking because of her upbringing. Her father had a twinkle in his eye and fire in his heart when it came to his ideas. She keeps her father’s dreams alive and strives for success even when it seems like a slim chance.

Do-san grew up in a strict household where he struggled to please his parents. This created plenty of insecurity for him. This is relieved, however, as he stands on his own, especially when traveling to America. He’s working to pursue his goals for himself! This character arc was realistic and motivating.

Ji-pyeong starts off as this cold character. He’s rough around the edges, but with time softens. Deep down, he craves warmth, true friendship, and love. This manifests as he begins to put others above himself. I really loved watching him as not only a team coach, but a rival for Dal-mi’s heart.

Each of the characters reflects a desire to be known (and liked) for who they truly are. Do-san, posing as Dal-mi’s penpal, questions whether she is actually romantically interested in him or her old penpal. A moment this comes to the surface is when Dal-mi comments that she likes his hands, and Do-san knows that she enjoys a true feature of his, not just something that belonged to her long lost penpal.

Ji-pyeong has been a reserved business man, which makes it hard for him to truly express emotion. However, the desire to do so pops up as the drama progresses. In-jae feels like she is in her step-father’s shadow and wants a name for herself and to be respected for what she can accomplish on her own.

I loved the relatability that Start Up gives viewers, ther ewere plenty of opportunities for self-reflection, humor, and inspiration, this drama is a wonderful watch for anyone who needs some encouragement! Bonus: there’s a happy ending too!

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