A confused traveller wondering when nomad visas will be available in korea

Are you ready to be a digital nomad In Korea?

TLDR: Does Korea have a nomad visa? No (as of August 2023), expect the government to announce a visa designed for Nomads in late 2023 or 2024 according to The Korea Times and the Korean Government. If you can't wait, then the Startup Oasis Visa is a good option if you can self fund.

In case you missed it, the Korean Government announced later in 2023 that they will be added two new categories of visas that will fall under the category of culture visas. The popular word for these at present are a K-Culture Visa and a Workcation visa. Great now we have to add a new word to the long list of words to describe people who work from home, remote workers, digital nomads and now workcation.

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All information on the workcation visa at present stems mostly from government information given directly to The Korean Times and also posted on the government website in Korean.

Unfortunately there is no update as of writing this article, other than, its coming soon; Normand The Nomad In Korea will be keeping track. The market for nomads will continue to heat up as countries fail to convince their local population to exit the work force and have more children or reduce their government spending. For us Nomads, this is a ripe time to look for a new opportunity.

> Is there a digital nomad option if you earn $24,000 USD+ a year annually? Yes, go to Malaysia.

If you currently work remote and you are in a rush to live in Asia then I would strongly recommend investigating Malaysia as a remote work/digital nomad hotspot.

Malaysia has created a visa specifically for Nomads called the DE Rantau Nomad Pass which can be applied for online starting October 1st, 2022; directly on the Malaysian government website.

Along with earning more than approximately $24,000+, you will need to provide the Malaysian government proof and the following.


  • Passport all pages (must have a minimum of 6 empty pages and at least 14 months remaining validity)​​
  • Latest CV
  • Latest 3 months bank statement​
  • Latest 3 months income statement or latest tax returns​​
  • Latest 3 months payslip​
  • A valid employment contract with a contract period of 3 months or more​​
  • Highest education certificate​

The requirements listed here are the bare minimum.

There are technically two kinds of nomad visas in Malaysia [Remote Worker] and [Digital Freelancer] so be sure to check the government website MDEC for the latest requirements and sign up.

Normand The Nomad wants to make this very clear, you do not need to pay a third party service to get this visa, you just go to the government website, sign up, give them proof of your documentation and you are absolutely good to go!

Lets vibrate at a higher wave length and escape the visa-run struggle, Normand The Nomad signing out.

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